The agression of Russia to its Southern neighbor, The Ukrain,  started with the unprovoked takeover of the Crimean Peninsula ten years ago.  This aggression continues towards The Ukraine. There are persistent rumors in the news that Russia will expand its agression to its neighbors to the west.  We even here from Putin close confidents of the use of nuclear weapons and the potential for hunders of millions of Europeans to die!   Now we read of these neighbors increasing their readiness for war.  where does it all end?  Let’s look at what we believe the Bible tells us of these times and their ultimate outcome.

Russian Aggression


This is the admonition in the Psalms — Selah!  Here is a colection of short videos on important Bible subjects.  


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Robert Lloyd wrote a series of articles over the years that appeared in the Christadelphian Tidings Magazine. A series of these have been converted to video and are available here.  These are essentially “Life Lessons.”  

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