Zoom Invitation to

Learn to Read the Bible Seminar

This series of classes has concluded and the results are posted on YouTube.  

This classes considered a number of topics on how to read the Bible to understand it.  The Bible is the Word of God and should be read with reverence.  God desires that you understand His will and purpose with the Earth and with those who will hear and obey Him.  The Bible is our divine guide that can lead us toward life in Christ.  This course provides tools to help the student of God’s Word get the most out of reading.    Recordings  are provided to help you watch at your own pace and time.


Below is a link to sign up for future real time classes.


Some guidelines:

  • Please set your Zoom name as your real name. First names are fine if you wish. This helps make it more friendly for everyone.
  • Seminar starts at 7:00PM but we ask you to join early to ensure everyone is ready before the seminar starts. It also gives you time to set up your sound if needed.
  • We ask that you save questions for after class.  This helps the speakers get through the class within the allotted time.
  • There is a Zoom chat box where you can post questions.
  • Zoom allows you to select the speaker view or all to show up in windows on your screen. If there is more than one page of people connected you can scroll sideways to view more people.
  • Zoom allows you to turn on/off your camera and microphone.
  • Be aware of background noise.  Mute your mic when you are not speaking.
  • Be aware of what your camera is picking up behind you.
  • Do not connect Zoom with 2 devices in the same room as this creates bad feedback noise.
  • We want visitors to register before receiving this Zoom invitation.  You can share the registration page http://readyourbible.us/ with friends.   We will then send the registrants this email with the Zoom link along with other relevant information.
  • If your computer speakers are not working you may dial by phone: