“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galations 6:9

This section provides useful resources to help you to see fully the hope that God promises to those who love him and to see for yourself what the Bible says about fundamental truths of God’s purpose with the earth.  It also points you to useful material on who Jesus was and what his purpose was on the earth.  What  is provided here is just a sample of the guidance materials available.  Please contact us with any specific needs you have.

We are guided by the very basic teachings of the Scriptures.  In God’s word, we learn why He created the heavens and the earth.  We learn of that golden thread in the Scriptures that shows how God has worked with His people through the ages.  We learn that God has made promises to His people and that whoever we are, whether Jew or not, God has reached out to us and offered us a better life now and life forever in His Kingdom, to be reigned over by the Son of God, Jesus.

These resources also provide guidance that will help you through this life and all its times of difficulties.  Some will require registration to get to all resources.

A major resource is the written word.  Most of what we have in our extensive libarary focuses on the Word of God.  Here is a link to some of the latest material in our Library.  Please see the Members page where you can also download PDF files that will enable you to search the library by Title, Subject or Author.

Recent Additions to Our Library

The Christadelphian

The most widely distributed Christadelphian magazine is The Christadelphian.  It had a predecessor, The Ambassador of the Coming Age, first published by Robert Roberts in 1865.  We provide this link and image with the permission of the Christadelphian Magazine and Publishing Association.  The CMPA provides a wealth of information related to the The Truth and the Christadelphian fellowship worldwide.

You may subscribe to electronic and/or print copies of the magazine as well as obtain many books and publications at the website of the Christadelphian: 

The Christadelphian Website

The Christadelphian Journal



Through the efforts of a member of our congregation and a national effort to assist the homeless through the “Bags of Love” project, we were able to give 10 sleeping bags to the Salvation Army Shelter in Whittier.   The homeless in our community are particularly under duress in the winters.  The shelter said they were a blessing and greatly needed.  

FREE Bible Reading Planner
This reading planner will take you through the Old Testament once, and the New Testament twice, all in one year! There are 3 reading portions for each day. The planner also includes helpful maps and timelines!


Walking with Jesus

A video series to help you in your walk in Christ.  The intent of the Seminar series is to refer the viewer back to the Scriptures to see how there are real, tangible answers to the challenges that they are facing in modern times.

The series includes the topics: Use of Money, Marriage and Family, Stress and Anxiety, Citizenship, Inter-Personal Relationships and Future Focus.  Just click on the image to see the series.

Learn to Read the Bible Effectively

A series of sixteen lessons to help you learn to read the Bible effectively.  Each lesson is self-paced and gives you a rounded introduction to the Bible.  Just click on the image to take you to the series.


Seminars, Study Days, Lectures

Under normal circumstances (no pandemic) there are a wealth of sponsored activities.  Among these are:

  • Study Days — these are held often during times when school is out or in recess.  A full Saturday of classes are held centered on a timely subject.  This includes usually four classes alond with snack and rest breaks as well as a lunch for refreshment, visiting and talking about the class subjects.
  • Seminars — these are usually held in the fall and spring and consist of a six week program that considers God’s promises and His plan of establishing the Kingdom of God on the earth.  We can see a golden thread of God’s promises starting withe promises that God made to Adam and Eve in the Garden all through the times of the Patriots of Israel and in the life of Jesus.
  • Lectures are held in our facility on various Bible-based subjects that deal with God’s Truth.
  • Youth programs are held consisting of weekend activities that are uplifting for the youth, normally those in the teen years.

All events since February have been cancelled but many have been moved to virtual events online.  Now that summer is over, these are now awaiting the time when we return to meeting together.

Resources for Everyday, Life Issues

This section provides useful resources for addressing many issues that we may encounter in every-day life.  If there are issues for which you need assistance, please feel free to contact us, with the assurance that your privacy will be maintained.

Recently, we added “Wilderness Voice”; a site produced by Christadelphians in New Zealand with useful information to help deal with life’s issues.  

Other resources will soon be added.  “Gleanings from the Wayside” has been added.  This is a periodic newsletter providing scripturally based writings for helping us in our daily lives.

Gleanings from the Wayside

Support Network

Wilderness Voice

PressOn Journal

Come for a visit!

In our lives and in our church activities we try to display the love of God and the hope of salvation to those around us. We enjoy being together and provide a wide range of activities and events for our members and the community; we would love to see you at any of the activities we run!

If you want to find out more about anything you see here, contact us or pop in and visit.

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