Ps 119:105: ``Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.`` KJV

An Exciting 12-Week Program to Learn to Read the Bible More Effectively

Do you want to understand what the bible has to say? In this free 12-week course you will do just that! You’ll Learn and develop skills to help you read and better understand the Bible.

We live in troublesome times with the Pandemic, growing concerns about the sustainability of the earth with fires, floods, hurricanes and changing weather patterns and conflicts around the globe; however, with developments in the Middle East that the Bible says point to Christ’s return, God has the answers and they are in His written word.

We have joined with a group of churches in the US and Canada to bring you an informative study program which in 12 one-hour sessions, spread over 12 weeks will give you the tools and skills for you to explore the Bible on your own.  Please follow the link below to register for this free course. 

This course is completed.  

You may now join a new Bible Prophecy seminar with the link on the Watch page.